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YSFT(EX)series Frequency Speed Control Bilayer Glass Reactor


Bilayer Jacker glass within the reactor pass into the hot and cold cycler of different liquid(hot water/hot oil/coolant), In a sealed glass container,reactants were stirred at atmospheric pressure or negative reaction,the reaction,process transparent. Glance,the modem biological pharmaceuticals,fine chemicais,new materials in the synthesis of the ideal experimental test wquipment. 1.we using the new high-borosilicate glass(gg17)is indeed the physical and chemical of the reaction of laboratory equipment. 2.this unique device for users to test the reaction of solid material in the overweight and design,the whole structre of special. Stainledd dteel frame(the commection part with evev the sophisticated four-way links,)compact and solid no deformation,easy to move. 3.specian freguenay speed control,good accuracy with ease,and optional ex protection system. 4.Reactor chamber and the jacker design for no dead angle,a special solid kettle coverfeeding,cleaning without disassembly easier. Our delegation expected better for the user to release their liquid and the concentration of solid solutionmaterial. 5.mezzanine heating reactor(cooling)after the reaction solution can be more complete,withour effusion. 6.Whole scientific ideal,practical and beauf=tiful,is the leading domesic counterparts.

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