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Company Profile

China Machinery Kangyuan Cereals and Oils Equipment ( Beijing ) Co., Ltd. is a scientific research institute in CAAMS. With a senior oil industry background and Industry status,we are one of the council units of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association,the permanent council units of Oils & Fats Branch Association of CCOA. It is also the office of Specialists' Group of Ois & Fats Branch Association of CCOA and the contacting office of Oils & Fats Branch Association Huabei District.
Our company specializes in oilseed processing, oil and fat processing and comprehensive utilization of by-products and related new technologies and equipment research, development, production,promotion and domestic and foreign trade, and undertakes project design, equipment manufacturing, installation and adjusting as well as operational training. Company passed the 1S09001 certification as early as 2005, its modern manufacturing base is located in Guan, Hebei.
Advanced technology, reliable performance and good quality are the guarantees of our survival and development. We'll provide you with the most reliable and the needed services via our perfect work.