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YDF10-100L Series Single Glass Realtor


Usage and characters YRE series single glass reactor is a kind of multifunctional reactors.can be in the condition of constant temperature for various biochemical reaction,also can be in different temperature Do return or distillation. The sealing of PTEE material.sealing,corrosion resistance,wear resistance Electronic stepless speed regulation,smooth running The clear display control and data information plane,speed digital display Intelligent temperature infection control,temperature display The distillation reflux can be performed simultaneously The large diameter discharge valve,can be solid,liquid material The large caliber cleaning mouth,convenient for cleaning Double return,integration of standard export condenser tube The main structure is made of stainless steel,aluminum alloy High performance stability,beautiful appearance,durable As the chemical industry,chemical drugs and the rapid development of mew compounds,greatly improving The efficiency of chemical ,to theyuhua company with the times ,providing the body from the simple to the complex Process reactor reactor required systems ,products with recycler water vacuum pumps,diaphragm vacuum pumps,temperature cycling device,a one-stop support for freedom to expand your ideal reaction.

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