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Laboratory hlomogeneous Emulaification System Reactor-5L


System lntroduction Reactor-5L laboratory homogenizer is an instrument developed by our technicians with latest German technologies by takingtheChinese marke demand into account.Designed in modular structure,it applies to blending.mixing,emulsifying,dispersing and homogenizing mobile liquids. This homogenizer can be widely Applied in cosmetie cream, oil-water emulsion,polyreaction and nanophase material dispersion as well special occasions vacuum or pressure test. This homogenizer has simple structure,small bulk,low noise,stable operation and long servicelife,and is easy to operate,clean,dismantle and maintain.

Instrument Features
Technical Parameters

Main Technical paremeters

Applicable dielectric viscosity:0-50000mpas


Wall-scratching mixer    110W  220V  50Hz

Hige-shear disperse mill  110W  220V  50Hz

Electric lift 72W (MAX)  24V

2、Minimum allowable mixing volume:800mL

3、Minmum allowable emulsifying volume:3000mL

4、Maximum allowable load:5000mL

5、Working temperature:0-100

6、Still cover lifting distance:260mm

7、Allowable pressure:0.1Mpa

8、Material of touched parts:SUS316L

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