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YHGSF Seres Frequency Control Bilayer/three Layers Glass Teactor


1. This product is our company at somestion and oversea more advanced,more practical,ideal brace triple elastic elastic design,ensure that bear the heavy load response operation,safe and compatible upgrade transformation 2. Use high borosilicate glass(gg17),have the excellent physicochemical property. 3. The working temperature is -80℃-200℃ 4. It is have the ptee coting in the suppor,highly corrosive,keep the whole machine beautiful and long life time. 5.Advanced frequency control,frequency inverter,built-in place component have the vacuum coating protect,corrosion,resisting,optional fullex,safety and reliable. 6.It is have the double layer for the reactor body,in the reactor body,in the middle of the interlayer with heat source,coolant supply for the reaction,threel layers kettle body,the fist is the vacuum interlayer as the reaction process. 7.Ptee assembly sealed,special designing,it can keep the best vacuum degree compaerd with the same products in the marker(about-0.098mpa),emptying vale can let out the dope and microscale solid,the domestic leader. 8.Pressuer in jacket control system,it is the new technique for the kettle protect,make moresafery and reliable. 9.It havenlt dead angle for the design of the kettle antrum and interlayer jacker,anti-corrosion,poullution-free 10.After finished the reaction,the heat-transfer medium will be thorough remove,no hydrops. 11.This product whole structure research,it is beautiful,practical,it is the domesticleader.

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