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DF-101 series of Heat collection-consant temperature type magnetic stirrer


Description DF-101 series heat collection type constant temperature heating magnetic agitator,is a new type of magnetic stirrer developed by our company,the trial of the products in national university laboratorey is good,and well received by customers love. Characteristics of uses One,The heating method,heating container completely in the intense radiation,heating speed is three times the other plane heating magnetic agitator,Temperature uniformity,high efficiency,mors suitable for spherical flask heating reaction. Two,The main components of excellent material,motor selection of DC motor with large power,stirring torque,low noise.special stainless steel heating pipe aging for 24hours at 800hith temperature,the insulation resistance is greater than 1000m,boil drysafety,The magnet used currently the strongest “Neodymium iron boron”as permanent magnet rotor,ensure sufficient suction force and torque. Three,Reasonble structure,the heat collecting pot is made of high qualiy staiinless steel stamping,and connects with a heating pipe and a high temperature resistant sealing group,it can add water with cooling plate isolation,in the high temperature heating and stirring,does not affect the electrical performance of the whole machine.According to user requirements,we can customize different size and capacity heat collecting type agitator. DF-101B型 The heating fraction of DF-101B model(voltage adjusting and temperature controlling )adopts adjustable voltage to control the heating power,for precision constant temperature,an “electric contact thermometer”needs to be connected,the pump has scoket for“electric contact thermometer” DF-101S DF-101S is made on the basis of DF-101B by adding the high precision time proportional digital temperature control instrument,which can be adjusted freely and with automatic constant temperature as well as used more easily an directly,temperature control is more precise accurate an reliable. CL-200型 CL-200 model mainly adopts high power heat aluminum tray which can conduct heating on a large scale,fit for the heating and mixing of large capacity flat bottoaker,also various metal containers such as (pan)can be put on it to conduct water-bath and oil-bath and mixing experiment,easy and flexible. DF-101C DF-101C (small heat collection type )is a small heat collection mixer,which has the same function as (101B、101S),it has two models,one is voltage-adjustable temperature control type and the other is figure automatic constant temperature type.occupying little working space,suitable for mixing of less than 500ml.can be customized 60-100mmdepthp pot auording to user tequirement DF-101T DF-101T high power magnetic mixer is the latest development of our factory,fit for mixing of special purpose,and can be also used as high precision constant temperature source.The size of the container can be custom-made according to the repuirement of the customer

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