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YRE Series Rotary Evaporator


YRE-2000E rotary evaporator is the latest development of a new generation of intelligentRotary evaporator,the device adopts the double row of large capacity blue backlit LCD display As the device interface,the control part adopts high perf-ormance microcontroller as the main control Chip,according to develop controlo viect,adopts special control program,the appearance of large Party,stable performance,and the device for upgrade interface,for different cus-tomers Demand,by upgrading the software can meet the user requirements. Power supply:the load of AC220V;1KW In the control range of temperature;room temperature to 100 degrees c(not lower than 0 DEG C) Temperature;-2DEG C. Of speed:5-200RPM speed:2rpm On the host contact type key,fast automatic lifting,lifting distance0-150mm. Of speed:electronic stepless speed regulation,20-200,power 40W In the heating tank:Teflon composite pot,closed the whole heater The main components of the antirust aluminium alloy,special engineering plastics,and has the advantages of compact structure, Beautiful shape,durable.

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