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YRE-301/501 Type Rotary Evaporator


1、the use of PTFE and rubber composite sealing, can maintain a high degree of vacuum. 2、the hige-efficiency condenser ensures high recovery rate. 3、the rotating bottle connected with nuts,convenient loading and unloading. 4、a collecting bottle mouth is provided with a piston,solvent recovery is very fast. 5、the continuous feed. 6、the vaxuum system of vacuum gauge,low boiling point materiials can choose the best vacuum degree. 7、water both temperature digital control,and can be lifted up and down. 8、reasonable structure,exquisite material,The mechanical structure of stainledd dteel and aluminum alloy parts,Glass pieces are adopted high temperature high borosilicate glass,electric imports key parts,Rubber sealing parts all adopt the new national standard,is co-nvenient for users to purchase replacement.

Instrument Features
Technical Parameters

Main technical parameters

Rotary the bottle capacity:5L

A collecting bottle capacity:3L

Rotaing speed:0-90RPM(AC infinite speed)

Motor power:40W

Water bath power:2kw

Water bath pot lifting:120mm

The power supply voltage:220v50Hz/60Hz±10%


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