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YRE-201D Type Rotary Evaporator


Overview Rotary evaporator is mainly used in pharmaceutical,chemical and biological pharmaceutical industry,concentration,crystallization,se-paration,drying and solvent recovery,The principle as:in the conditionof vauum,heating,so that the rotating bottle rotating at a constant speed,the formation of large aree thin film on the bottle wall material,efficient evaporation,Solvent evaporation bu high-performance glasscondenser cooling,recycling in a collecting bottle,greaty improve the evaporation efficiency,especially suitable for high temperature con-centrated easily decomposed degeneration biological itens purification. Character 1、use ptte and rubber comosite airtght,can be keep high vaviim.2.use high-efficiengy condenser make sure recovery rate,3.It can cintinuosly feed.4.water bath digital thermidtatic.5.rationou construction materials,mechnical parts use stainless steel and alluminium alloy,glass an use high temperature and high beron glass electrical key-module is important,rubber secu spare parts cul use new standard,it easy change by user. Main tedmical paratneters: Main technical parameters:1000m Collect flask volume:500ml Rotate speed:0-120rpm(acinfinite speed) Motor power:40w Water bath power:105kw Water bath lift:120mm Volt:220v 50hz±10% Overview Usage:Rotary evaporator is the manin instrument for chemical industre medical indrstry,instiutions and research/aboratories and the other department,it is the main way for produce and analysis of the experiment extracted. Character: YRE-5299 YRE-52C motor have 10-120rpm infinite speed adjustment and automatic lifting function Rotating body Compesed a group reliable micro motor Speed measuring motor and integrated circuit control decive,Under the effect of electronic speed,it can be steady rotaion within 10-120rpm,it canbe reach the advanced level at home and abroad. Rotating body move up and down system use screwhoist.hand wheel which connect the screw pole,it can be make rotator,flask ,condenser,receving flask raised and lowered at the same time,the max distance is 150mm. Main tedmical paratneters: Input volt:220V±10% 50Hz Input total power:1000W Rotate speed:10-120 rpm tnfinlte speed Max lifting :150mm Speed adjustment:by change the buttonin Tuecontroi cabinet Control accuracy:±2℃

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