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YRE10-50L SeriesRotary Evaporator


Usage and characters Rotary evaporator mainly used for medicine,chemical and biological pharmaceutical crytallization,drying. Spration and solvent recovery,The priciple is that:in the condition of vacuum,heating te-mperature,so that the rotary bottle rotating at a constant speed, The material in the bottle wall is formed of large area thin film,evaporation,Solvent steam con-denser cooling by high efficiency glass, Recovery in the collection bottle,greatly improve the evaporation efficiency,particularly suitable for high temperature decomposition of easy degeneration of the students Concentration and purification of biological products. The company (plant)of rotary evaporator set of similar products at home and abroad essence,set the company(factory)into. Work experience,has formed the 2L、5L、10L20L、50Lseries,product design follow the efficient, Practical. Economic princip;es,all for the sake of users. Characteristic 1、the use of international advanced EL airtight system,can maintain a high degree of vacuum,Gasliquid separation,no return. 2、the main performance of double condenser,ensuring a high recovery rate. 3、Spin the bottle with the nut connection is convenient for loading and unloading. 4、The collection bottle mouth with liquid discharge valve,recovering solvent is very tast, 5、Collecting bottle is a rranged between the side condenser vacuum check valve,liquid discharge does not affect the vacuum evaporation can be continuously. Material. 6、vacuum system vacuum gauge,on low boiling point materials adiustable optimal workingvacuum degree. 7、Water bath pot electronic temperature control,and be lifted up and down. 8、Reasonable structure,materials stress,Mechanical structure using a large number of stainless steel and aluminum alloy parts.Glass pieces all With the high temperature resistant borosilicate glass.Electrical key parts are imported,fluorine rubber seal wearing aarts for all the new national forest,Convenient for users to purchase replacement,key parts imported.

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