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GDSZ series high and low temperature circulation device


This is production was national patent product.Patent No:ZL21020214881.4 201010191432.7 Product overview The liquid circulate of the whole system for high low series device is airtight,it have expansion tank,expansion tank, expansion tank and liquid circulate system is heat insulation,out of circulation with the liquid circulation,just mechanical connect,however any temperature of the circulation liquid,the temperature of the medium in the expansion tank is keep the room temperature all the time. The products characteristics as follows It have’t inner circulation through,small inner circulation volume(the inner volume for most of the equipments is 6-10L effective powde have high density(W/L),have high speed for temperature rise and psyctic,need less conductionoil) This machine use the wave plate heat exchangerhave big heat-exchange surface,high heat-exchange speed,Closed the whole liquid circulation:without volatile oil mist when the high temperature,heat conduction oil will notbe oxidation or brown;it won’t asorption water vapor in the air when have the low temperature,prolong the life of the heat conduction oil and have low cost. Standard kettle can be make according to the requirement temperature between inside and outside reach the requirement safety linit value the maching will be stop working and waring,make sure the kettle not break because of the different temperature.

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