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DLSB series low temperature coolant circulating pump


Characteristics of uses: DISB series LOW-temperature covant liquid pump is a low-temperature liquid circulating equipment and adopting mechanical cooling ,It plays the role for supply low-temperature liquid and water bath,it can be combied with rotary elevaporator,acuum freezing and drying box,water circulating multipurpose vacuum pump,magnetic stirrer and other instruments to conduct multipurpose low-temperature chemical raction operations and drugstorage. With constant flow,constant pressure and circulating fluid,the large low-temperture cooling liquid circulating pump can meet the needs of decreasing teperature of valuable equipment such as electric microscope,electric needs of proper-temperature and pure-quality cooling water of high pure metal purificaltion,environmental experiment,magnetic controlling sputtering, vacuum plating andother large equipment, It isespecially suitable for use in labs of chemisty,boology,physics requiring constantlow-temperature and normal temperature.It is a necessary equipment pflabs of medicine, hygiene,chemical industry,foodstuff industry,metallurgical indudtry,universitier and colleges,scientific research,inherent engineering and high polmer engineering.

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