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DLSB Series low temperature coolantliquid circulating pump


Overview The use of humanized interface display,display content is more richer,Touch tupefor input. In the model make sure,the input is more intuitive and convenient,Control system using industrial PLC,make the Data processing is more accurate,more powerful anti-interference ability,work more stable,There are multiple temperature and set temperatureand set temperature time setting function, can be edited temperature A program control,improve work efficiency,with real-time data recording funcition,the recorded data can be output through the USB interface to U disk ,Can be used in multiple user management,threr is no authority users are unable to access certain functions and data ,the system has mutiple prot-ection The retaining mechanism, equipment to ensure stable,efficient operation. Intre equipment all of the electrical and control comanents are put in the flameproof electrical box,External without any control components,using a special custom flameproof fan Machine and large flow type circulating water pump,the whole equipment to achieve The explosive environmentapplication requirements,the explosion-proof electrical Appliances are all with national certification,

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