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Organic synthesis plant pps-1510、2510type


This product has obtained national patem,paten no:200630099811.8 200620029739.6 200620029703.8 System introduce The device is 5-unit synthesis device and the best condition for devdloping new chemical reaction agent and activator:discussing reaction and composing interimbody and so on, Inorder to improve the development efficiency of test. Each test tube is set with different temperature,so can be compared at the same time under 5 kinds of temperature condition,In addition to ther moregulation and mixing ,it also has functions of recirculation and air replacement that are necessary for organic synthsis,In addition,the compound process may be changed by replacing aluminum sheet. After the test,the container is not required to be remived and replaced;it can Be finished tnrough the liquid extraction and en richment to clean up.

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