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Temperature controller electric jacket


This temperature controller is imported high-power silicon to control voltage,it can achieve precise control effect through within connected contact thermometer,it is the best instruments in laboratory, it can replace heavy coil temperature control instrument. Temperature controller adopts intelligent PID control,thermocouple temperature sensor,silicon controlled rectifier single output,rapidly temperature rise setting mode,set the row number,control,Digital display ,and thermocouple protection function,When set the required temperature according to the temperature difference,microcomputer automatic adjustment of heating rate ,it is uninterrupated power supply,Ratio adjustment,it quickly reach the best heating effect of heating temperature control instrument,it is a precisely insturment,the II、III、IV which all increases the self-tuning function,when it is starting the whole fixed function,they will make the teperature under the same conditions more accurately,accuracy of ±1℃-±0.1℃.

Instrument Features

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